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September 29th, 2012

30 Sep

PHOTO #25: Nuit Blanche

So, from what I remember the last couple of years I’ve been to Nuit Blanche, I have not had the greatest time. Two years ago, it took us five hours to walk down Yonge Street (Something that should take twenty minutes). And to top it off, all we saw were some people carrying a cardboard robot. So I didn’t have high expectations for this year, and I wasn’t disappointed. I got exactly what I was expecting. Me and a friend took off alone because all our other friends were sitting around drinking, and wasting time. So, the most ground covered was with just me and her alone. Everything in this picture I saw with her. Once we finally met up with the other group, we spent the rest of the night waiting for more people.

Plus Side:

-Hung out with friends

-Mixed an excellent Rye and Ginger for myself

-Got free coffee

Down Side:

-Didn’t see much

-Spilled Ginger Ale in my bag some how, almost ruining my passport and Ipod

-left early and missed out on Golden Griddle (I was really hungry all night, and they went after I left 😦 )

There’s also a peek of what my outfit was for the night. In keeping with the fall theme I wore lots of layers, and my favourite jean jacket, that I bought for my sister and then she practically never wore it. So I took it back. You can’t really see the necklace but it’s another one of my own creations. I made the rock out of dollar store self hardening clay and painted it black. Then top coated it with nail polish. Yea, I couldn’t find my glaze, so I improvised.


September 28th, 2012

29 Sep

PHOTO #24: New DIY

I know I’m posting pretty late today, I was busy making things. Here’s one of those things. I have had these three pleather fabrics for a while. I’ve made a couple of things with the brown pleather, but could never think of what to do with the others. So finally I just said “Make something! If it looks bad, then at least you tried.” So this is the (unfinished) result. I used the dimensions of my laptop, you can never have enough laptop bags, am I right? I still need to finish the sides, you can’t tell in the picture, but they are pretty rough and unfinished. And I need to put a clasp in the front. I haven’t quite decided what to put there.

My trip to the dollar store was pretty dissapointing. What I wanted was cork-board, and I knew the store that I was headed to had some, but I would have needed 16 panels ($16 + tax) or more to fit the map my sister got me. So, we (my sister and I) walked over to the nearest mall, no luck there either. The Home Depot had thick cork-board for $17ish a piece, and I still would have needed more than just one panel. Same deal at Staples. So I decided that the dollar store deal was the best, but was too lazy to go all the way back. That’s tomorrows new plan. I did get map pins at the dollar store though! So not a complete fail.

That’s pretty much it for today, I spent the entire day trying to think of something to craft, but coming up with no ideas. This envelope style bag was a last minute project. It didn’t take me long either. I made the pattern pretty simple. And didn’t bother myself to be perfect with lines or measurements, still turned out pretty straight and perfect. Even though my sewing machine made the top-stitching look like shit. But, oh well! I sort of like the ruggedness of it.

September 27th, 2012

28 Sep

PHOTO #23: Presents!

Update: Only watched 25 minutes of Bridget Jones, I wasn’t feeling it so I had to turn it off. Too awkward for my taste.

Next bit of exciting news: The actor who plays Nathan (Robert Sheehan) in the awesome show Misfits came into the theatre to watch The Master. So awesome! If you have never seen that show, you need to go watch it. Like, now.

Otherwise today was pretty eventless. All I did was work. I visited my sister at her work and she gave me two more cupcakes. And also my super belated BDay present, which is the map in the picture. I have done a lot of travelling in the past couple of years and really wanted to do one of those wall maps with the pins stuck in the countries I’ve been to. I just haven’t gotten around to starting it. So, a while ago I told my sister and my mom that a map was what I wanted for my birthday. Neither of them could find one anywhere. I assumed I would end up having to find one for myself. But I guess she finally found one. Now all I need is cork board and some map pins. Tomorrow will bring me those things. I know this, because I’m going to the dollar store!

Speaking of travelling. My friend asked me to go to Thailand with her in November. I really want to, but am also hesitant. I am still terrified of flying, and it must be a long flight. Also, I have heard not so great things about parts of Thailand. I know that parts of it are beautiful, and they have a fashion industry worth looking at, but I just don’t know. Plus I would have to fly there alone, because she’s travelling from Australia. I am about to go research, and see whether that can swing my vote.

September 26th, 2012

27 Sep

PHOTO #22: Cupcakes Coffee and Cheesy Movies

Today is a monumental day. All my life I have struggled with the fact that no one spells my name correctly. Everywhere I go. If we went to Niagara Falls, for example, and I wanted a souvenir with my name on it, it was always spelled “Leslie”. Even my uncle still spells it that way. Recently, I sort of gave up caring. I cried inwardly when friends spelled it wrong on Facebook, even though the proper spelling was RIGHT THERE. But, I understood. There are different ways to spell it. Big whoop. Get over it, right? So, when I buy coffee at Starbucks and they ask for my name, I don’t say “Lesley, with an E-Y” I just say “Lesley”. They usually spell it the wrong way. Not that “With an I-E” is wrong. Just wrong for me. So today I bought myself a Salted Caramel Mocha, mmm, fresh out for the season. And actually didn’t notice that SHE SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT until I inserted this photo into the post. So that was my happy part of the day. Yay.

The next part involves that delicious cupcake. My sister, after quitting the job at the theatre, got a job at a cupcake store. Now, if you live in Toronto, and you haven’t gone here, and you like cupcakes you are missing out. Prairie Girl Bakery has THE BEST cupcakes ever! Honestly, they are addicting. So, I get free ones every once in a while. Seriously, it’s a miracle I’m not fat. And, she dropped by the theatre to visit her boyfriend, whom I work with, slash give everyone cupcakes (Isn’t she the best?) I had three…Like I said, a miracle.

After that I came home and began searching online for a movie to watch. I sort of feel like I’m on a quest to find the cheesiest movie, and as I am typing this I think it is now my goal. So, I watched one of those “Made for TV Movies” called This Time Around (2003) super cheesy. And now I am about to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary. I don’t necessarily like Renee Zellweger, but I feel it is the type of movie I want to watch right now. Any other suggestions would help though.

September 25th, 2012

26 Sep

PHOTO #21: Comfy Day at Home

So I would just like to take this time to congratulate myself for making past 20 posts. Yay me! I have blogged 20 days straight without giving up. Now, I don’t have a big followers group, or a lot of views per day, but that was never my plan for this blog. Although, coming on and seeing that I have ‘likes’ and ‘views’ always boosts my confidence. I just need to remind myself why I started this blog. And that was for myself.

Today was another lazy day, If I could go so far as to say even lazier than yesterday I would. You might ask me, “How could you get more lazy than the nothing you did yesterday?” And to that I would answer. Easy. I left the house not once today. After getting up at 3pm I went down stairs and sat on my couch all day. From 5 to 7:30ish I slept on my couch. Perfect nap. When I nap on my couch I always have the craziest coolest dreams. Never remember them. But I know they were awesome. One of them Involved DIY Toms…

So this picture/pictures pretty much epitomizes my day. My favourite shows, a yummy tea, a comfy blanket, and an entire day of exactly what I wanted: Nothing.

P.S. I managed to sneak my cat into one of the pictures, totally not on purpose…:P

September 24th, 2012

25 Sep

PHOTO #20: My Manicure

Today was a lazy day. Which is exactly what I wanted. From the chaos of the last three days, I needed one of these. So I lazed on my couch all day, watching TV with my mom. It was pretty chilly outside, so when it came time for us to go to the grocery store, we were too lazy and cold. So, we went down to the McDonald’s. Cheap, and closer than anything. Then, the second episode of Bones was on, unfortunately at the same time as How I Met Your Mother. So, I had to watch that online. After Bones was the premier episode of the new season of Castle. Also at the same time as the new series Revolution. So, we watched Castle and after I finish this post, I am going to look for Revolution online.

As the news was on around six, I did my nails. The news is always depressing stuff that just ends up making me sad. Too negative for my already negative soul. I have to keep my nails fairly nude or natural looking. They started this new rule a couple of months ago at work, where we couldn’t wear polish on our nails, unless it was clear or nude. So, up until now I’ve been doing just a regular french manicure, and I got bored. I should mention that in this picture, those are my real nails. Yep, you may think they are fake, but they are not. And this is HUGE for me. I’ve been growing them since the middle of May. Before that I was an avid nail biter. Movies were the worst. The part that had that tension, were they going to make it out alive, could they defeat the bad guy, was she going to make it to the airport before he left. You know the part. That always got me, my nails were the victim of my nervous connection to the main characters emotions. Since they started growing, this has not been the case. I am proud of myself. I never thought this was something I could break.

Anyways, being the assistant manager, sort of means I could really do whatever I want with my nails, one of my managers always has those fake UV Gels, or whatever they’re called. But, I like to set a good example for the rest of the employees. Plus, they are always like “Why do you get to have your nails painted?” “Why do you get to wear skinny work pants?” “Why don’t you have to wear your hair up?” So to avoid being the subject of debate, I tend to try and stay under the radar.

Since my nails have grown so long, I am a bit worried about them breaking, so I always have to have polish on them. To do what I achieved here I used a nude coloured polish from Revlon for the base. The polka-dots were done with a Konad Nail Stamp Art plate, with their special white nail polish to do the design. Then I top-coated it with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails with Nylon. Hopefully no one really notices it. I was too happy with the result to care whether it was really noticeable.

September 23rd, 2012

24 Sep

PHOTO #19: Fall Outfit Number Two

I am only doing a short quick one today. I am exhausted, and over worked, and want to sleep. I’ll be surprised if any of this even makes sense. So, here is my second Fall outfit. I wore more maroon, as a tank top, a jean button down, and a beige blazer, all from H&M. The necklace you have seen, my own creation.

Today dragged on and on forever. Just when I thought it was almost over there was still another four hours to go. Seriously, I don’t know how I survived. I feel like a zombie. Luckily I don’t have work tomorrow, so I will be sleeping in super late. I had at least five cups of coffee throughout today. I felt weird, but was still yawning as I had coffee in front of my face. I think I’ve become immune to coffee…

It was pretty chilly today, almost felt winterish. Makes me sad. Winter always feels like the longest season, drags on and on. Sort of like my shift today. On the plus side I’m super excited for pay day. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!