October 4th, 2012

5 Oct

PHOTO #30: Dying My Hair

I made it to 30 posts!!! I am so happy that I haven’t given up. Somedays it gets hard to think of what I might post for the day. Somedays I don’t take a single picture until just before midnight. But, I have held on through the boring times, and posted a Picture Of The Day every single day, for 30 days straight. I am proud of myself, and my little blog.

As a practicing procrastinating pessimist (I wasn’t expecting all the “P’s” until I typed it out), Things like blogs never work out for me. As I’m sure I have mentioned before. I am lazy, and I almost always see the worst in a situation. “This blog is going to be boring, and stupid.” “I’ll never even get one follower.” “No one wants to read about my boring life.” These are a small small percentage of some of the negative things I have thought at some point or another. Pertaining to this blog, or in other aspects of my life. But, at this moment now, I think, it doesn’t matter what the blog is about, how boring it is, and whether anyone reads it. I want to do it. And, I am doing it. AND, I am keeping it up. Right now, I feel that’s what matters to me. That I believe I can do something. No matter how small it is, no matter that it means nothing to get me closer to a career, or helps me in life, I want to do it. It means to me that, I am not a permanent procrastinator. And, I don’t always give up on everything. I now have this as proof. Otherwise I look at all the projects I have started and see failure after unfinished failure. I can, and will turn it around. With the help of this blog. To continue to address the issues I have with myself, and as a constant reminder of the small success I can achieve. I know, this all sounds so “365th day final speech.” and I’m only 30 days in. But, this is a big deal to me. If I can believe in myself, then I have grown.

Today Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the Indigo under the theatre I work in. I didn’t see him, but I feel this counts as a celebrity sighting, for two reasons. 1. He was within the vicinity of where I was. 2. My friend/ex-coworker got his autograph, and a picture with him, and came straight up to show me. So, yea…It counts.

As a promise to my managers, and all the employees where I work, I said I would dye my hair blue if we raised $2000 for the month of September for a children’s charity. And we did. We raised around $2500. So, I am dyeing my hair blue. The plan for todays picture was to be of me, with blue hair. But, I had to push the dyeing over to tomorrow, due to scheduling issues between me and the friend that is helping me with it. Her and her sister are always changing their hair colour. From brown to bleach blonde, to strawberry red, to turquoise, within a matter of months. So, I figure they are experts, and am putting my trust into them. Tomorrow. I am a bit nervous. I used to dye my hair a lot, in highschool. And I loved doing it. I never went an unnatural colour, except the time I put pink in the underneath part of my hair. So, this is the most drastic I have gone. And, I am also worried my GM will disapprove. But, I am going to do it anyways. I am bored of my hair, and need a change, I have always wanted to do something crazy, and this is my chance. Soon enough it will be too late in my life to do it. I’ll need to look professional if I want a certain career, or if I want people to treat me professionally.

The products are as follows:

For the bleaching process

-Charlston Goes Organic 30v Organic Processor

-Selecta Premium Bleaching Powder

For the dyeing process

-La rich’e Directions Hair Dye in Midnight Blue

And of course some rubber gloves.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I hope my hair doesn’t fall out. :S


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