October 7th, 2012

8 Oct

PHOTO #33: My New Hair

So, there it is. It definitely didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. See, I wanted a royal deep vibrant blue. This is like, blue, green, aqua, teal, something. Now, I will tell you. I don’t hate it. It is quite nice. It’s just the point that I dyed it for was a foundation fundraiser, and their shade of blue, in their logo, is not this shade. None the less, I will wear it with pride, because it looks great. I hope, or maybe everyone is lying to me…and I will update it later in hopes of getting closer to the shade that I want.

Today was a super long day. I did another 12 hour shift. And unfortunately, guests during the holidays are never the same as regular guests. It’s like all the grumpy lonely people come out on the holidays to see movies, and make my life a living hell. Now, of course there are the great guests, there always are. But, it seems like the guest concerns more than double on a holiday. And everyone needs a manager for something, complaining about this, refunding that, too full, too cold, too hot, blah blah blah. I just want to curl up in a ball and rock myself to sleep. On top of that, we had to call security about 5 times today. People sneaking in, drunk people vomiting all over, a group of people having a screaming match in a theatre. It’s been a long day. And my bed is just calling me.

In good news I decided what to be for halloween! Blue hair permitting, I am going as The Corpse Bride. If  you’ve seen the movie, she has long dark blue hair, pale blueish skin, and a tattered wedding dress. When I saw the picture I was set on it. Usually I don’t decide until the night before, sometimes it ends up being a hit (last year I dressed as Brad Pitt, people who came to see movies actually thought I was a guy…), most times they fall flat. But, I really like to try and out dress everyone.


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