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November 29th, 2012

30 Nov
PHOTO #86: Stolen Cake

PHOTO #86: Stolen Cake

The cake has just been sitting there since Sunday. I didn’t want it to go to waste. Plus, my mom and sister had already tried it, so I figured I deserved a taste. The ice cream (though not so appetizing looking in the photo) was delicious. Peanut butter cup flavour. Yum.

This morning I told my mom that I was going to try and start going to bed earlier…that didn’t work so well. I just can’t do it. I don’t see the point, plus I’m never tired when I get home. So, even if I did go to bed earlier, I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep. Eating birthday cake, and ice cream I’m sure doesn’t help…but I can’t stop myself. If I’m hungry, I’m going to eat what’s around. This is one of those habits that’s going to be hard to kick…

Otherwise all around boring day. More work. More stress. More spots on my hands…I am really thinking of calling for a doctors appointment. They are starting to evolve. Larger more random shapes, itchy ones…that sorta thing.

I don’t know. I feel like I’m overreacting. I just wish I knew for sure whether it was just stress related or not.


November 28th, 2012

29 Nov

PHOTO #85: Magazines and Movies

I am honestly having issues trying to think of what to write about today. Nothing makes me go “Oh, yea that’s something interesting I want to say about today.” I did do quite a bit. But there’s nothing I want to talk about.

I went to see the movie “Rise of the Guardians.” It was actually really good. Hugh Jackmans character was the best part. He plays the Easter Bunny. If you weren’t planning on watching it but you love Hugh Jackman, and Australian Bunnies, then you should watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

My Flare Magazine issue for December came in today, or maybe yesterday…my days are all melded together. Either way I was really disappointed. Firstly with what was inside. A whole lot of nothing like usual. But I was more disappointed when I looked at the cover. No, not because Lea Michelle is on it. I love her. Because someone had penned a big “2B” on it. You can see in in the bottom in blue pen. I don’t know who did it or why. But it pissed me off. The cover is very important for me. When I’m putting it in my Flare Binder (that is in one of my very first posts if you’ve been reading that long) the cover is important, if nothing else inside the magazine is worth looking at, at least the cover is there to represent the fact that I have the issue. Plus, like I said, I love Lea Michelle. But all I can look at on this cover is a big fat 2B…not cool. If it meant something awesome. Like, if it was the autograph of Flare’s Editor-in-Chief. Or if it was like a mark to choose someone as a winner for something. Like a notice was put up saying who ever got a mark on their cover wins something. Or If I won a prize for being a committed subscriber for four years. Those would all be awesome reasons to write on the cover of my magazine. But I’m pretty sure someone in the mail room just needed to remember their best friends new apartment number for a second and scribbled it down on there.


November 27th, 2012

28 Nov

PHOTO #84: The Moon From An iPhones Eyes

Yea the quality is not great, but I really like the photo I took of the moon. It was looking mighty creepy tonight. It was full (though I think the full moon is actually set for the 28th, it looked damn full to me) and super bright. I was about to take a picture of the chocolate bars I bought, I was so desperate for something to take a picture of. And then I saw the super bright moon in the sky, and took a shot of it instead. You all know what chocolate bars look like anyways.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, happened today. I literally woke up went to work, came home, and here I am. The only thing is I cancelled plans I had for tomorrow. Because they may have to do surgery on my brother again. 😦 Which also means he wont be released until maybe thursday. Which means no wednesday night b-day party. 😦 But we’re just going to postpone it until he gets out.

The whole thing with my brother is really the only thing I can think about. When I’m at work I have a pretty repetitive routine, so it’s not hard to multi-task, or completely zone out while still completing things. So, the whole shift kind of goes by in a haze. It’s weird, because back when I was a kid I had this mentality that nothing bad could happen to my family. You heard stories, or saw things on T.V. about people being hurt, or sick. And I would be sad for them, but I believed there was this wall of protection around my family, like nothing bad would happen to us. Even though I new that bad things happen to people randomly and for no specific reason, there was no way I could prevent something from happening. I just had this positivity, this feeling that nothing ever would. Of course when I grew up that positivity started fading away, as bad things would happen to the people I love. It’s hard to believe in something when the opposite keeps happening.

Life is hard.

November 26th, 2012

27 Nov

PHOTO #83: Crafties of the Day

Today was a fairly lazy day, somewhat less lazy than my usual days off, but still quite lazy. I started it by visiting my brother in the hospital. To wish him a happy birthday and to see how he was doing. Luckily he should be released tomorrow morning. But, they hadn’t had an update in a while.

Once I got home it was that point of the day where you could still go out, and do something, but you’re too lazy and tired. And it’s already starting to get dark. I hate starting the day when it’s dark. It feels wrong. So, I stayed home and crafted. Which is always a decent excuse for sitting at home. I figured since I bought all that clay last week that I should at least experiment with some of it. So here’s what I came up with. The plain jade rose on the bottle is the piece I am most happy with. The colour of it is so perfect, I want to make everything that colour. Like…everything. Most of the rest were me experimenting with mixtures of colours, which was a lot of fun. And might turn into my first DIY on here, but we’ll see. It was a pretty easy straight forward thing. Not much requirement for a lesson. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere right? I also made a bead, that sort of, or at least I hope it does, looks like the earth. I tried adding little beads pushed into the clay, but they just ended up making it look dirty. Either way I think it’s cute, but it might just be a first draft for something better. I will definitely be making a necklace soon, out of some little knick-knacks that I’ve been collecting over a long while. It needs some more planning and fine tuning. But, it’s something to look forward to.

In the mean time it’s back to work for me tomorrow. Did I even have a day off? Where did it go?…

November 25th, 2012

26 Nov

PHOTO #82: The Worst News In The World

Today was going great. Until 10ish. I got a text from my sister it said that our brother was in the hospital. No other information. Instantly, as it does, my head is spinning with different situations, different injuries, or circumstances as to why he might be there. My brain went through maybe 20 or more things. Ranging from a friend being injured, to alcohol poisoning. I didn’t know what to think, while my brain was thinking everything in the world. This whole process took maybe 10 seconds before my sister replied to tell me what it was. He had a collapsed lung. I thought “What is that? How serious is it? Is he conscious? What sort of complications will this cause in the future? Will he need like a new lung or something?” My head is spinning, I’m starting to freak out. But, after I did some online research (it’s called Spontaneous Pneumothorax) I found out more of the details. Though it’s not as bad as the worst case scenario that my brain was visiting, it’s still pretty scary. When it happened to him he apparently couldn’t breath, and couldn’t even stand. I can’t imagine how scared he must have been.

I couldn’t focus on anything else the rest of my shift. I know that I should have rushed down the hospital, and I really wanted to, I almost did. But firstly there wasn’t anything I was going to be able to do, he was already in perfectly capable hands at the hospital. Secondly there was no one at work to do my job. Which shouldn’t really be an issue in this situation. But, in the end whatever was the right decision, I stayed at work. There’s no changing that.

After my shift I did end up going to the hospital, though by the time I got there he was moved into a room where visiting hours were closed. And my mom and sister were heading out to leave. So I met them outside the hospital and headed home with them. They told me about how he was before surgery, and made me feel much better about the situation. The surgery apparently went very well. I had read that there is a good chance that if this happens to a person it will most likely happen again in the future. But, apparently the doctor was pretty insistent on the fact that he did not think it would. I like to believe he is right.

You know the worst part of it? His birthday is today. So, now he has to spend his entire 21st birthday in a hospital. He probably won’t be released until wednesday. We are going to have a celebration then.

November 24th, 2012

26 Nov

PHOTO #81: More DIY

You get a glimpse of my super unphotogenic-ness in this photo. Yea, my creepy hand in there. Whatever. I know it’s weird. I can’t stop it from happening so get used to it. I did…sort of…

This is the outfit I wore. You may or may not recognize this skirt from one of my older posts. It’s the Mendocino skirt that was $10.00. But, last time it appeared on this blog it was a shin-length skirt. I decided that was not the length for me. I had only worn it twice in around five months. And so I cut it. I’ve already worn it twice now that it’s shorter. I love the length now. And I cut it so that the Tulle is longer than the underskirt so you can see the different lengths of it. If I could have taken a better angle of it I would have…

That’s all I really have to say for today. I should do this with more of my clothing. There’s so much of it that I don’t wear for some reason or another. And the problem might be fixed with just a little DIY.

November 23rd, 2012

24 Nov

PHOTO #80: Weird Red Spots

Wow. I can’t believe I am on post 80! Never in a million years did I think I would make it this far. Though it’s less than a quarter of the year I hope to be doing this for, I feel as though I’ve been at it forever. It’s been fun. It’s had its boring days…many of them. Though I hope that it won’t continue like that for long. The point of this thing was to try and force myself to do fun and interesting things. So, I have failed at a bit so far. But I have high hopes for the future. I have a few plans circling in my brain.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a weird spot at the knuckle of my pointer finger and thought nothing of it really. Could have been a burn, or a little bruise, or just a reaction to something that hit my skin for a moment. The weird thing about it was that it was perfectly circular. But, I passed it off as coincidence. And forgot about it. A couple of days later it had disappeared. All’s well right? Wrong. Two more perfectly circular dots appeared on my other hand. I still thought the same thing, burn or reaction. And forgot about it again. Then there were some on my elbow, then my forearm. All stayed for a couple of days then disappeared. None were itchy or painful or anything really. Just suspicious. Now there’s these ones. I noticed them at work. They are not quite as circular or prominent as the others, but who knows how long they have been there. I had just noticed them. So, being the minor hypochondriac that I am I got a bit scared…and let me tell you: Searching symptoms of things online…




It really just scared me more. So, while I was working this is all I can think about:

“What is it?”

“What is causing it?”

“Could it be really bad?”

“Am I just overreacting, or over analyzing?”

I can’t focus on anything else. Which is bad, because we’re in the middle of a rush. So I went over to my friend on Guest Services (near the box office) and talked to her about it. She told me that it’s probably stress related, if it were serious they probably wouldn’t be coming and going, and would be more prominent. Not that she’s an expert, but it calmed me for now. I am going to look at physical symptoms of stress build-up because I need to know. And if it continues, I might go to the doctor. I have been working a lot. And while I am at work there’s never any time to stop and relax. It’s been constant go go go, all the time these days. So, stress is definitely an option for the cause.

Hopefully it’s nothing.

I’m gonna go back to watching How I Met Your Mother now and try to forget about it.