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December 9th, 2012

10 Dec
PHOTO #96: Comfy Socks

PHOTO #96: Comfy Socks

The weather was shitty today. Raining, hailing, being all cold and shit…so I bundled up, which is not something I usually do. As I’ve mentioned I don’t get cold that easily, so I usually sacrifice comfort for fashion. But sometimes even I want to be comfy. And these are my comfy socks. I don’t know where they came from…I found them in my house and asked everyone whose they were, and no one knew…so now they are mine (obviously after an intense washing…).

Today I finally got to see Michael Keaton. He came into the theatre again, and this time I didn’t just catch a glimpse of him, he literally walked right past me, bought something at the concession bar that I was standing next to, for no particular reason 😛 and then walked back into his theatre. He watched Lincoln. I wonder what he thought about it…no I didn’t stalk him into the theatre. I just happened to notice him wander back into theatre #1, which happens to be Lincoln.

And yes, I’m back to my old ways of sneaking my cat into the picture. Though she’s doing her best this time to hide herself behind her favourite blanket, I still got her in the shot. Get used to it.

My sister bought a super awesome camera the other day. A Canon Rebel T3, so hopefully some pictures from that camera will somehow end up on here someday…maybe…that would be pretty awesome.


December 3rd, 2012

7 Dec
PHOTO #90: Cat Cat Cat

PHOTO #90: Cat Cat Cat

No, I didn’t give up on the blog. I did take a little break though, just from posting, not from taking pictures. I have been keeping up with those. I just needed to take some time off and relax. Plus, I’ve had absolutely nothing to write about. So, be prepared for a few seriously short posts. Like seriously. That’s the end of this one…

This is my cats “I hate you, get away from me now!” look. That’s how she always looks at me. I had the day off, and stayed at home and did nothing. Though I did make the decision to start watching holiday-ish movies. Updates on that in the next post.

November 16th, 2012

17 Nov

PHOTO #73: Yea, It’s My Cat Again

This post is being done so late. But, I have a good reason. I was watching America’s Next Top Model. It was the finale. And the girl I loved from the beginning won! Laura was my favourite from the start. So, that made me super happy. I try not to get emotionally attached when I’m watching reality shows like that, but it’s so damn hard. I get emotionally attached to everything. For some reason as I’m watching the finale of any show, it’s like the most important thing in the world. Even though in a couple of days I probably won’t even remember her name. In the moment she is my best friend and I need her to win, or it’s the end of the world.

Speaking of overly attached:

Here is another picture of my cat. This is her “Get that camera the **** out of my face.” look. Otherwise I had nothing else to take a picture of today. I worked, it was crazy but in a boring way. The money counting machine broke again. We fixed it again. Everyones money was off again. I had to fix it all again…nothing new.

Maybe something awesome will happen tomorrow?

November 1st, 2012

2 Nov

PHOTO #58: Snuggle Time

Since nothing happened today, here is another adorable picture of my cat. It’s been a while since she’s had a post. This is her snuggling with her baby. It’s a little soft animal monkey-thing that we’ve had for a very long time. Sometimes she picks it up and carries it around with her, she makes funny meowing noises when she’s carrying it too. It’s adorable. I almost got a video of it once. But, it turned out I wasn’t recording…yea. This is probably the most adorable pose I’ve caught her in.

My Scarecrow mask that I made for my brother is now famous! He posted a picture of himself wearing it on the site and it’s gotten a lot of upvotes. Yay!

Now that Halloween is over I plan on starting the process of washing out the blue hair. I will let it fade out because it might look cool. But if it even threatens to look really green, which it is starting to do, then I might have to take more drastic actions to get it out. I have decided that I want to try blonde. Not like super crazy platinum in-your-face blonde. But, an ashy blonde or something. I haven’t fully decided yet. I just know I’m in the mood for change. I don’t know why, I just feel if I change something about myself other changes will follow. It sounds crazy, but I can dream.

Other than that, nothing happened today. I worked. Boring stuff.

October 11th, 2012

12 Oct

PHOTO #37: Instagram And My Cat

For furthering my dive into the electronic world. I got myself an Instagram. I am pretty sure it’s not really my thing. But, I figured I should try it out before I completely write it off. I usually am the last one to join the band-wagon of new internet trends, so, this time I’m not waiting until it’s not cool anymore. Yes, I did wait quite a while. But I had a Blackberry…did those things even allow Instagram? Anyways, as my monumental First Instagram Post, I give you, my cat. BIG surprise I’m sure. But, Isn’t she a cutie? She’s so photogenic, it sort of makes up for how unphotogenic I am…I don’t really understand the whole hype about Instagram though. What’s the big deal about pictures that all look pretty much the same? I mean there are only a certain number of filters you can use. And, sure these filters make your photos appear prettier, but they also look like everyone else’s. Anyways, I’ll try it a couple more times, but like I said, I don’t really feel like it’s my thing. Then again, when I write things off then try them later I tend to get addicted. I was like that with Facebook.

I was the last of my friends, because I wanted to stay true to Myspace. And Hi5, do you guys remember Hi5? I had the longest description of myself there, because they gave you 10’000 characters, and I thought, if they give you that much space, you should use it. So, I literally used the space like a blog. To tell everyone how I was changing everyday. And what was happening in my life. I wonder if it still exists…

Other than that, I have a couple of craft projects lined up, so I am looking forward to that.

Also, if you have an iPhone, or an iPod Touch, and you haven’t played Temple Run, I highly suggest it. OH. EM. GEE. That is something I’ve gotten addicted to lately. I can’t stop playing, I have to keep my phone hooked up to the charger almost 24/7 because it drains my battery crazy fast, but I can’t stop playing.

October 10th, 2012

11 Oct

PHOTO #36: Another Fall Outfit

As I said I would do yesterday, I went to see Pitch Perfect today. Yay for following through with plans! And I loved it! It was everything I hoped it would be. We (my sister and I, and everyone else in the theatre) were laughing through the entire thing. In a couple of scenes it was clear that the audio was not synced up perfectly with the singing, but I pushed that out of my mind, because the whole movie was just so great. Rebel Wilson was the funniest character in the movie. She plays a character much like all her other movie roles, but her one liners and quick punny replies are what had everyone laughing.

Other than that, today was very productive! I went to the dollar store to finally dish out the 16 + tax for the cork board. And I had it in my hands ready to pay, when I made the best discovery ever! I saw foam board. Now, it’s not that I didn’t know what that was, I’ve used it in school. I just never thought of it for this project. It was the same thickness as the cork board I was about to buy, and one board (about 20″ by 30″) cost me $1.25. In all it cost me about $5.50 for the area I needed to cover. Which is more than ten dollars less that I would have paid, had I gone with the corkboard. So, that was exciting. It did involve a lot of taping and some stapling, but I got it done! And it looks great, it takes up my whole wall, but it looks great.

This is what I wore today. Sorry for the graininess, apparently my iPhone camera = not so much better than my BB camera. Oh well. I felt like going lazy today. As my sister and I decided, I was going for a Hobo-Chic look. I hated the way these pants looked when they were tucked into my boots, so I rolled them up thinking it would no look better, and when I put my boots on I was pleasantly surprised. It was chilly outside, and I couldn’t bear to go out without my big comfy scarf. I had to dust it off a bit, my cat decided for a while that it was her new bed…

September 25th, 2012

26 Sep

PHOTO #21: Comfy Day at Home

So I would just like to take this time to congratulate myself for making past 20 posts. Yay me! I have blogged 20 days straight without giving up. Now, I don’t have a big followers group, or a lot of views per day, but that was never my plan for this blog. Although, coming on and seeing that I have ‘likes’ and ‘views’ always boosts my confidence. I just need to remind myself why I started this blog. And that was for myself.

Today was another lazy day, If I could go so far as to say even lazier than yesterday I would. You might ask me, “How could you get more lazy than the nothing you did yesterday?” And to that I would answer. Easy. I left the house not once today. After getting up at 3pm I went down stairs and sat on my couch all day. From 5 to 7:30ish I slept on my couch. Perfect nap. When I nap on my couch I always have the craziest coolest dreams. Never remember them. But I know they were awesome. One of them Involved DIY Toms…

So this picture/pictures pretty much epitomizes my day. My favourite shows, a yummy tea, a comfy blanket, and an entire day of exactly what I wanted: Nothing.

P.S. I managed to sneak my cat into one of the pictures, totally not on purpose…:P