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December 9th, 2012

10 Dec
PHOTO #96: Comfy Socks

PHOTO #96: Comfy Socks

The weather was shitty today. Raining, hailing, being all cold and shit…so I bundled up, which is not something I usually do. As I’ve mentioned I don’t get cold that easily, so I usually sacrifice comfort for fashion. But sometimes even I want to be comfy. And these are my comfy socks. I don’t know where they came from…I found them in my house and asked everyone whose they were, and no one knew…so now they are mine (obviously after an intense washing…).

Today I finally got to see Michael Keaton. He came into the theatre again, and this time I didn’t just catch a glimpse of him, he literally walked right past me, bought something at the concession bar that I was standing next to, for no particular reason 😛 and then walked back into his theatre. He watched Lincoln. I wonder what he thought about it…no I didn’t stalk him into the theatre. I just happened to notice him wander back into theatre #1, which happens to be Lincoln.

And yes, I’m back to my old ways of sneaking my cat into the picture. Though she’s doing her best this time to hide herself behind her favourite blanket, I still got her in the shot. Get used to it.

My sister bought a super awesome camera the other day. A Canon Rebel T3, so hopefully some pictures from that camera will somehow end up on here someday…maybe…that would be pretty awesome.


December 1st, 2012

3 Dec
PHOTO #88: Work Boredom

PHOTO #88: Work Boredom

Nothing much happened on the 1st. But, a friend asked me to graffiti something for her during my shift. There wasn’t much I could do with it because she had a lot of specifics, but here it is. It says DR34M. Which is her “tag” apparently.

Seriously I am struggling with anything to say right now. Nothing happened. At all.

I don’t know why but I feel like the woman that is in the movie The Witches of Eastwick came to the theatre. You know the one who starts spitting up cherries at some point? Veronica Cartwright. The raspy voice and her face caught my eye when she asked about the parking. And I couldn’t place it at the time but it just came to me where I recognized her from. It very well may not have been her, but that’s who I was reminded of.

November 18th, 2012

19 Nov

PHOTO #75: Craft Store Haul

Just as I said we would do, my sister and I went to Michaels, an awesome although slightly pricey craft store. And here’s what I bought (Items are in order of how excited I am to use them):

-FIMO oven hardening modelling clay in red and jade. I’m super excited to make more of my flowers with this clay.

-Adjustable rings in silver and gold, to display the clay flowers that I’m going to make.

-Earring mounts, also for flowers…yea I’m kind of obsessed with making them. Although these didn’t come with backings so I’ll have to find some that fit them somewhere.

-Sculpey Bake and Bond. Glue to hold all the clay and rings and earrings together.

-and an adorable Buddha head pendant that I saw and couldn’t leave behind.

I’m super excited to start making things again. And I think I will start tomorrow. Though amazingly I actually have plans! My friends and I are going to hang out. I can’t spend another one of my days off sitting in a house doing absolutely nothing. Regardless of how exhausted I am, and how much I really just want to sleep all day, I can’t do it. I know how it feels at the end of a completely unproductive day. I always wish I had done something, rather than sat around on my couch watching TV shows. Yay for having a social life!

Celebrity sighting of the day: Aaron Stanford. He plays my favourite character Seymour Birkhoff in the show Nikita. A show that I love and have been watching for years now. I ripped his ticket stub, and he passed by so fast I didn’t really even have time to react. But either way. I was excited.

Also I should add:

I got Foursquare a long time ago because my friend thought it would be my type of thing. But, I never really got its purpose. I started using it in August for one reason, and one reason only: This guy came into the theatre once expecting some sort of special treatment, simply because he was the mayor of our theatre on Foursquare. We don’t affiliate with the site so there are no perks to being mayor other than being able to tell people you are. And the manager this guy talked to didn’t even know what it was. So, I started checking in at the theatre every time I had a shift. And I work a lot, as you know. So it didn’t take long before I stole the mayorship from him. I don’t know how he reacted to that, but I was laughing my ass off. I had stopped checking in after that, but still had the mayorship…until yesterday. When lo and behold, guess who stole the mayorship? THE SAME DAMN GUY. So, now I bet he’s all proud of himself for getting it back. Little does he know when I check in on tuesday, he’ll be losing it again. I know, I’m evil. But, I think it’s funny, because it means absolutely nothing, but he thinks it’s some special thing. I’m just trying to teach him a lesson. It’s all just fun and games, right? Is that such a bad thing to do?

November 11th, 2012

12 Nov

PHOTO #68: Remembrance Day

This is all I have to show for the day. It was the worst of the past three days at work. I was not in the mood to deal with everyone not knowing what they’re doing, and yet still had to deal with it. It’s hard. I feel myself being more like who I used to be. Bitter, angry, always frustrated. I have managed to stay away from that mood for almost a year. I know that nothing good can come out of me being all mopey, and upset about everything. But, how am I supposed to stay positive? I do my job, and I do it well, and there’s little to no appreciation. I can only live like that for so long before it takes its toll on me. And then there’s those employees that will complain to me about their shift, or how they’ve been working so long, and they’re tired. Am I just supposed to pretend to feel bad for them? Because they had to stand there and push buttons on a till for a couple of hours? Because I don’t feel bad for them. I need to take this day off, and relax, because if I continue in this mind-set any longer I am going to snap at someone. And it’s going to get ugly.

I remember what it was about days like this that gets me down: No one calls on me just to talk, there’s always something that they need, something I have to fix, or something only I can do for them. It always ends up being work related. And I know that sounds weird to say. I mean I’m at work what else would I expect? But I see them hanging out with each other during their shifts and they call me over to ask me to get them their pay stubs.

On a more positive side Gary Oldman came to see a film today! I’m not sure which one but I didn’t really care, all I got to see was him exiting the theatre anyways. I am such a huge fan of his, so it was awesome to see him.

It was remembrance day. I should mention since that is what my photo is about. It’s funny I’ve had the Poppy on my jacket for a couple of weeks now, and since I got it I’ve noticed everyone that was wearing one. Before I put mine on I didn’t notice anyone wearing one. I think I will continue to leave it on for a bit, it’s started to get a bit knocked around though, so I am kind of worried it will fall off at some point. Hopefully not.

October 31st, 2012

1 Nov

PHOTO #57: Halloween Accessories

Unfortunately I got my friend to take a photo of me in full costume on her phone, and though I asked her twice to send it to me, she still hasn’t :(. So, I’ll have to make do until she gets around to it. Here is the head piece I made. My initial plan was to just glue the flowers onto a headband, but then I couldn’t find one. I saw this while I was looking and thought it might work better. And I was really happy with the way it turned out. The dead flowers are from my graduation in June of 2011, and some my brother gave my mom for Mothers Day a couple of years ago. All I did was hot glue them onto the hair comb and pray they didn’t fall off. I lost a leaf at one point. And a couple of teeth on the comb (it fell out of my hair and onto the ground at one point). As you can probably tell, it used to have six teeth on it. But, for the most part it stayed in tact. And weirdly, was my favourite part of the whole costume.

No one else really dressed up at work. One girl wore a Kimono she made, and a wig, it was pretty cool. And another guy dressed as a Leprechaun. But that’s it. So I’m pretty sure I’m top pick for the contest winner. I mean, come on. I went to work in my make-up. On the TTC. I put on huge fake eyelashes. Coloured my skin blue. Wore dead flowers in my hair! I gotta win it right? We’ll see.

Michael Keaton came in AGAIN today, and I finally got to see him! So, that was exciting. But, that’s about it for the day. Nothing else exciting.

October 30th, 2012

31 Oct

PHOTO #56: Fall Outfit Number…I Don’t Remember

Here’s what I wore today. The jacket is new, I was so excited to finally wear it. It was a sale piece from Urban Outfitters. The moment I saw it I wanted it. The moment I put it on there was no way I was putting it down. It fit perfectly, and looked awesome on. Kinda preppy with a messy vibe, I guess. Other than the jacket you have seen everything else on me before. The necklace was not clear the last time I wore it, so now you can see it for real…sort of. It’s one of my pieces, made of clay.

I missed seeing a famous person at work…twice. Michael Keaton (Batman, Beetlejuice) came in yesterday, on my day off! And then again this morning. 😦 Oh well. Hopefully when we have Lincoln exclusively (yea, that’s right) some famous people that live in Toronto will come to see it.

I have barely done anymore of my Halloween costume…I was working on my sisters for her. Yea, so now I’ve done some for my brother AND my sister. I’m still pretty sure it will only take me a short time to do mine, so I’m not worried. My friend also gave me some fake eyelashes that are going to look great, they are so long it’s insane. Not sure I’ll be able to open my eyes with them on…Anyways I have to get up at a decent hour if I want to work on this thing. Consider this me going to bed early. Even though it’s 3am…

October 22nd, 2012

23 Oct

PHOTO #48: My Gold-member

So, I bought an iPhone case on Ebay. When I had a Blackberry, so many days ago, I had done the same thing. Except it wasn’t a gold case, I had changed the actual Housing of the phone. And, if you don’t know what that means…too bad. Get with the times. And, that’s what I was known for. Having a metallic gold phone. So, when I made the switch to an iPhone, I knew I had to keep up the gold. But, I’m not sure whether it is possible to change the housing on one, so I just went for a case. I am %100 satisfied with the purchase. I think it was only 5ish dollars. Free shipping.

I. Love. Ebay.

My brother came by to pick up the mask I made him. He apparently loved it. I wasn’t there. I was at work. Either way I’m glad, because I am very self-concious, especially when making things for other people. I am always worried they won’t like it, or they will find something wrong with it. I guess that’s just another thing I will have to add to the list of things I need to work on…And typing. I suck at typing. I am really slow, and I only use a couple of fingers so they start to cramp up because I am straining to reach them to all the letters…I can spell fine, and my grammar is great. Though I do go a bit overboard with commas I find…and I have no idea when the semi-colon is necessary. I tend to just let the computer correct me with those ones…

My theatre is getting Cloud Atlas on friday. I am, in part, excited and scared. I really want to see the film. But, I just know that the crowds that show up for this film are going to be hectic. This movie has a lot of buzz. Not only that but it is a super long film. Almost three hours, I think. Hopefully I will survive. I wonder if we will have any celebrity sightings. I hope so.