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December 9th, 2012

10 Dec
PHOTO #96: Comfy Socks

PHOTO #96: Comfy Socks

The weather was shitty today. Raining, hailing, being all cold and shit…so I bundled up, which is not something I usually do. As I’ve mentioned I don’t get cold that easily, so I usually sacrifice comfort for fashion. But sometimes even I want to be comfy. And these are my comfy socks. I don’t know where they came from…I found them in my house and asked everyone whose they were, and no one knew…so now they are mine (obviously after an intense washing…).

Today I finally got to see Michael Keaton. He came into the theatre again, and this time I didn’t just catch a glimpse of him, he literally walked right past me, bought something at the concession bar that I was standing next to, for no particular reason 😛 and then walked back into his theatre. He watched Lincoln. I wonder what he thought about it…no I didn’t stalk him into the theatre. I just happened to notice him wander back into theatre #1, which happens to be Lincoln.

And yes, I’m back to my old ways of sneaking my cat into the picture. Though she’s doing her best this time to hide herself behind her favourite blanket, I still got her in the shot. Get used to it.

My sister bought a super awesome camera the other day. A Canon Rebel T3, so hopefully some pictures from that camera will somehow end up on here someday…maybe…that would be pretty awesome.


November 11th, 2012

12 Nov

PHOTO #68: Remembrance Day

This is all I have to show for the day. It was the worst of the past three days at work. I was not in the mood to deal with everyone not knowing what they’re doing, and yet still had to deal with it. It’s hard. I feel myself being more like who I used to be. Bitter, angry, always frustrated. I have managed to stay away from that mood for almost a year. I know that nothing good can come out of me being all mopey, and upset about everything. But, how am I supposed to stay positive? I do my job, and I do it well, and there’s little to no appreciation. I can only live like that for so long before it takes its toll on me. And then there’s those employees that will complain to me about their shift, or how they’ve been working so long, and they’re tired. Am I just supposed to pretend to feel bad for them? Because they had to stand there and push buttons on a till for a couple of hours? Because I don’t feel bad for them. I need to take this day off, and relax, because if I continue in this mind-set any longer I am going to snap at someone. And it’s going to get ugly.

I remember what it was about days like this that gets me down: No one calls on me just to talk, there’s always something that they need, something I have to fix, or something only I can do for them. It always ends up being work related. And I know that sounds weird to say. I mean I’m at work what else would I expect? But I see them hanging out with each other during their shifts and they call me over to ask me to get them their pay stubs.

On a more positive side Gary Oldman came to see a film today! I’m not sure which one but I didn’t really care, all I got to see was him exiting the theatre anyways. I am such a huge fan of his, so it was awesome to see him.

It was remembrance day. I should mention since that is what my photo is about. It’s funny I’ve had the Poppy on my jacket for a couple of weeks now, and since I got it I’ve noticed everyone that was wearing one. Before I put mine on I didn’t notice anyone wearing one. I think I will continue to leave it on for a bit, it’s started to get a bit knocked around though, so I am kind of worried it will fall off at some point. Hopefully not.

November 1st, 2012

2 Nov

PHOTO #58: Snuggle Time

Since nothing happened today, here is another adorable picture of my cat. It’s been a while since she’s had a post. This is her snuggling with her baby. It’s a little soft animal monkey-thing that we’ve had for a very long time. Sometimes she picks it up and carries it around with her, she makes funny meowing noises when she’s carrying it too. It’s adorable. I almost got a video of it once. But, it turned out I wasn’t recording…yea. This is probably the most adorable pose I’ve caught her in.

My Scarecrow mask that I made for my brother is now famous! He posted a picture of himself wearing it on the site imgur.com and it’s gotten a lot of upvotes. Yay!

Now that Halloween is over I plan on starting the process of washing out the blue hair. I will let it fade out because it might look cool. But if it even threatens to look really green, which it is starting to do, then I might have to take more drastic actions to get it out. I have decided that I want to try blonde. Not like super crazy platinum in-your-face blonde. But, an ashy blonde or something. I haven’t fully decided yet. I just know I’m in the mood for change. I don’t know why, I just feel if I change something about myself other changes will follow. It sounds crazy, but I can dream.

Other than that, nothing happened today. I worked. Boring stuff.

October 19th, 2012

20 Oct

PHOTO #45: The Scarecrow

Et voila! Here it is, my almost finished mask for the villain The Scarecrow from Batman. It turned out much better than I was expecting. I had no issues while doing the stitches. Which I thought I would. When I showed my brother this photo he said it was awesome, so hopefully when he sees it in person he thinks the same thing. And hopefully it fits him properly. Now it’s time to work on mine. I still need to find some sheer fabric for the wedding dress and accessories like shoes and her headband. But I’m not worried. I have a good feeling about the costume this year.

Unfortunately I am writing this from my phone because a weird thing just happened. As we were all sitting on the couch the plug that is attached to our Internet modem decided to start sparking. And then it turned the Internet off completely. So this post might look a little different from the rest. It’s just for now, I’ll update it tomorrow when the Internet is back up. It also means that I am forced to go to bed earlier than I usually do, because I can’t watch my shows. So my comment yesterday about trying to go to bed earlier is actually going to happen. Plus I have to wake up before 6 o’clock to go to work. So it’s kind of a good thing.