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Don’t Say Quitters Never Prosper

11 Apr

So it’s been over a year since I gave up on this blog. The plan was to do a blog post everyday for 365 days. I made it to 99. Which, to be honest with you all, is longer than I expected to last. In the end I was in a rough time of my life. All I did was work. And I obsessed about people knowing how much I was working and I focused on it to an almost breaking point. I cried a lot that year. I had virtually no friends, and nothing to look forward to. I was so lonely. I wouldn’t say I was clinically depressed, I would never assume to know what true depression feels like. But I would say that I was in a version of my own definition of depression. I was sad and lonely and afraid of life. I wanted things to happen to me but I didn’t want to do them. There was a war going on within me everyday. I would tell my self to buck up and then run into a corner and cry my eyes out for hours because I hated myself. I wanted to change. But I was terrified of change. You see how that can tear a person apart from the inside? Each post on here was a grasp at the idea of happiness, that my life had some weight to it. I was hopeful, but not mentally ready for any of it.

Since I quit this blog so much has happened. Surprisingly if i had kept this blog up you and I would have seen me transform into a different person. It didn’t happen right away I stayed in my black hole for many more months after the last post of this blog. So here’s a recap of what happened to me after this blog.

Work. Cry. Black hole. Work. Cry. Black hole.

I went to Europe for 2 months. 14 Countries, a Cruise. Great food. Pseudo-great company. Great memories.

I was highly liked by many friends we made there, boosting my self-confidence to slightly above self-loathing.

I came to the realization that I love to travel.

I became really good friends (I believe the term is BFFs) with a girl I work with.

we got tattoos together. It would be my first. I don’t have any more. Yet.

I got dangerously close to being in a relationship with someone I’ve had a crush on for years.

My friend forced me to join Tinder. I met a really great guy. He became my boyfriend.

I’m in love.

I got an iPhone 5s!

That’s about it. I’m still contemplating the future of this blog. But as I type these words I feel myself releasing something. I don’t know what it is about typing this post but it feels so comfortable to me. And I feel myself wanting to continue. So something will come of this. Just not sure what yet. I’d love to do a travel blog, but I don’t have the time off or the resources to travel often enough. But we’ll see, something will come of it. I have hopes, and optimism for once.

In the end 22 was a good year. And the day I turned 23 I asked the world (via Facebook) to give me an even better year at 23. Within the month I started talking to my boyfriend. 23 has already been a great year, and I have so much more in store.

I leave you with something I just created out of boredom, I took the photo in the background, its of The Amalfi Coast. I thought it was vaguely related to the subject of this post.


A Rule I Need to Live By

A Rule I Need to Live By

P.S. This is officially my 100th Blog Post. Yay me. Took me long enough…


November 29th, 2012

30 Nov
PHOTO #86: Stolen Cake

PHOTO #86: Stolen Cake

The cake has just been sitting there since Sunday. I didn’t want it to go to waste. Plus, my mom and sister had already tried it, so I figured I deserved a taste. The ice cream (though not so appetizing looking in the photo) was delicious. Peanut butter cup flavour. Yum.

This morning I told my mom that I was going to try and start going to bed earlier…that didn’t work so well. I just can’t do it. I don’t see the point, plus I’m never tired when I get home. So, even if I did go to bed earlier, I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep. Eating birthday cake, and ice cream I’m sure doesn’t help…but I can’t stop myself. If I’m hungry, I’m going to eat what’s around. This is one of those habits that’s going to be hard to kick…

Otherwise all around boring day. More work. More stress. More spots on my hands…I am really thinking of calling for a doctors appointment. They are starting to evolve. Larger more random shapes, itchy ones…that sorta thing.

I don’t know. I feel like I’m overreacting. I just wish I knew for sure whether it was just stress related or not.

November 26th, 2012

27 Nov

PHOTO #83: Crafties of the Day

Today was a fairly lazy day, somewhat less lazy than my usual days off, but still quite lazy. I started it by visiting my brother in the hospital. To wish him a happy birthday and to see how he was doing. Luckily he should be released tomorrow morning. But, they hadn’t had an update in a while.

Once I got home it was that point of the day where you could still go out, and do something, but you’re too lazy and tired. And it’s already starting to get dark. I hate starting the day when it’s dark. It feels wrong. So, I stayed home and crafted. Which is always a decent excuse for sitting at home. I figured since I bought all that clay last week that I should at least experiment with some of it. So here’s what I came up with. The plain jade rose on the bottle is the piece I am most happy with. The colour of it is so perfect, I want to make everything that colour. Like…everything. Most of the rest were me experimenting with mixtures of colours, which was a lot of fun. And might turn into my first DIY on here, but we’ll see. It was a pretty easy straight forward thing. Not much requirement for a lesson. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere right? I also made a bead, that sort of, or at least I hope it does, looks like the earth. I tried adding little beads pushed into the clay, but they just ended up making it look dirty. Either way I think it’s cute, but it might just be a first draft for something better. I will definitely be making a necklace soon, out of some little knick-knacks that I’ve been collecting over a long while. It needs some more planning and fine tuning. But, it’s something to look forward to.

In the mean time it’s back to work for me tomorrow. Did I even have a day off? Where did it go?…

November 25th, 2012

26 Nov

PHOTO #82: The Worst News In The World

Today was going great. Until 10ish. I got a text from my sister it said that our brother was in the hospital. No other information. Instantly, as it does, my head is spinning with different situations, different injuries, or circumstances as to why he might be there. My brain went through maybe 20 or more things. Ranging from a friend being injured, to alcohol poisoning. I didn’t know what to think, while my brain was thinking everything in the world. This whole process took maybe 10 seconds before my sister replied to tell me what it was. He had a collapsed lung. I thought “What is that? How serious is it? Is he conscious? What sort of complications will this cause in the future? Will he need like a new lung or something?” My head is spinning, I’m starting to freak out. But, after I did some online research (it’s called Spontaneous Pneumothorax) I found out more of the details. Though it’s not as bad as the worst case scenario that my brain was visiting, it’s still pretty scary. When it happened to him he apparently couldn’t breath, and couldn’t even stand. I can’t imagine how scared he must have been.

I couldn’t focus on anything else the rest of my shift. I know that I should have rushed down the hospital, and I really wanted to, I almost did. But firstly there wasn’t anything I was going to be able to do, he was already in perfectly capable hands at the hospital. Secondly there was no one at work to do my job. Which shouldn’t really be an issue in this situation. But, in the end whatever was the right decision, I stayed at work. There’s no changing that.

After my shift I did end up going to the hospital, though by the time I got there he was moved into a room where visiting hours were closed. And my mom and sister were heading out to leave. So I met them outside the hospital and headed home with them. They told me about how he was before surgery, and made me feel much better about the situation. The surgery apparently went very well. I had read that there is a good chance that if this happens to a person it will most likely happen again in the future. But, apparently the doctor was pretty insistent on the fact that he did not think it would. I like to believe he is right.

You know the worst part of it? His birthday is today. So, now he has to spend his entire 21st birthday in a hospital. He probably won’t be released until wednesday. We are going to have a celebration then.

November 19th, 2012

22 Nov

PHOTO #76: Best Friends

So, I finally went out on Monday! Woohoo, my first time in over a month. I had a great time. We drank a lot…we talked a lot….and we cried a little. Yea. It’s hard not to bring up what you are most emotional about at the time when you’re most drunk.

I have known these two ladies since I was four years old. It’s going on nineteen years now! We’ve had our ups and downs. Treated each other not so greatly. But, in the end, we gravitate back together. It’s hard not to when there’s so much history there. We’ve been through life changing events together. Life, death, and everything in between. We went to the same elementary school (JK to 8) and the same highschool. I think we’ve stayed pretty close through all of it. I mean that’s a bond that really can’t be broken. There’s no way to forget 19 years of your life, really. We’ve helped each other through hard times, and supported one another’s decisions, no matter how wrong we may have thought they were.

I kind of want to do a before and after photo collage of us. Because I know there’s a picture of just the three of us when we’re around five or six, and I just spent a long time looking for it, with no luck. But I know it’s around somewhere. I think that would be a fun thing to see. How we’ve changed, and how we’ve stayed the same. So that’s one of my next craft ideas…we’ll see if I actually finish this one…

Accomplishment of the day: Going outside on my day off and having a social life!

October 5th, 2012

7 Oct

PHOTO #31: My Accessories

So, I never got to do a post for the 5th, here it is. I took the picture and knew what I was going to write, but was so tired when I got home from work, I couldn’t bring myself to turn on the computer. These days, work has been busy. The movies are picking up. We are getting the ones that will eventually be nominated for Oscars, and so they are quite popular. We also got a couple of the action, younger audience movies. All this is a good thing, more hours for me, time goes by faster, blah blah blah. I just hate all the guest concerns, and refunds and all that. At some points in my day, I have five people asking me questions all at the same time. And they all want me to answer them first, because they are all in a rush, because they are all late for their movies, which is not my fault. GASP! So, it can get a little overwhelming.

Anyways, I thought I would show you some of the jewelry I wear. Since I’m so keen on making it. These three pieces are very important to me. The ring with the topaz jewel, is a birthday present from my mom. She got it for me on my 18th birthday. I have never gone a day without wearing it. So, that’s roughly 1460 days…I only take it off to shower, or if I’m dying my hair, or working with bleach, or some sort of substance I don’t want it coming into contact with. And same goes for the other ring. I got that out of the lost and found at work. It had been there for about 7 months, maybe more. And no one came back to claim it. I thought it was a waste just sitting there, so I asked if I could have it. My managers said yes! I also have never taken that off. It’s been about 2.5 years now. Or more. The watch was also a gift from my mom, for christmas a couple of years ago. I always love retro things. And this watch is a sort of retro style, it’s not a Casio, it’s a Timex, but they look virtually the same, and it’s much cheaper.

September 7th 2012

10 Sep

PHOTO #3: Birthday Party

On the 7th me and my sister went out with a bunch of our work friends, we went to a bar that’s a regular place for me and the people I work with. As my sister used to work with me, it had also been a regular place for her, and since all the people that I work with are also still her friends, it still was a regular place for her. It’s a really relaxing bar near Yonge and Bloor called The Artful Dodger, but we just call it The Dodger. We had a great time, got drinks from our friends, got drunk, laughed…a lot, and took pictures. In all I enjoyed the night, and wouldn’t change a thing. My sister is the one in the top left picture. I am the one in the picture beside that, in the pinkish dress.