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December 10th, 2012

12 Dec
PHOTO #97: Holiday Nails

PHOTO #97: Holiday Nails

Surprisingly slow day for a sunday. We didn’t get any new movies though, I was super excited when I found that out. It meant that I could focus on other parts of my job, instead of just fixing peoples mistakes and dealing with guests.

I finally watched You’ve Got Mail. Wasn’t really what I was expecting. I’m not a huge fan of films where the two characters have no chemistry until the last five minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tension between two characters that passionately hate each other and then realize later on that they passionately love each other. But, I like to see that passion grow throughout. There wasn’t much of that in this film. They literally hate each other, and then suddenly are in love…the end.

This is my attempt at holiday style nails/a rare Instagram photo. Mind you, I did this at like 5:30am, so it’s quite messy. I didn’t hate the way they turned out but ended up taking it off the next day for two reasons. One: it was messy, and looked sloppier in the morning after. Two: I couldn’t leave it on for work. I’ll probably attempt it again closer to Christmas.

P.S. Though you can’t tell, but if you wanted to know. The red sparkly nail polish is from Forever 21.


November 4th, 2012

5 Nov

PHOTO #61: Drafting Dresses

Here is an Instagram photo my sister took of me today while I was drafting her dress. Or I should say more like adjusting a draft I already had. She found a dress I had partially made, tried it on, and said that it was virtually what she wanted. So I have made the changes she wanted, and tomorrow I will be in the construction stages. And hopefully finished the dress by the end of the day. Hopefully.

Shhh…don’t tell my drafting teachers that I’m using an HB pencil and not a 0.5mm lead pencil like they adamantly tried to drill into my brain…

I don’t even know what got into me, but when I wrote yesterdays post I swear to you it was the 4th. Because I looked at my watch and it said 11:30pm, and it said 11-4. But, as it turns out I was hallucinating. I changed the title now so that it is correct although, you can still see remnants of my mess up if you happened across the image link URL.

I finally have a day off! It’s been…six whole days since I’ve had one off. This is my excuse for not knowing what day it is. They all blend together after a while. I definitely need sleep. So that is where I shall go. Goodnight.

October 11th, 2012

12 Oct

PHOTO #37: Instagram And My Cat

For furthering my dive into the electronic world. I got myself an Instagram. I am pretty sure it’s not really my thing. But, I figured I should try it out before I completely write it off. I usually am the last one to join the band-wagon of new internet trends, so, this time I’m not waiting until it’s not cool anymore. Yes, I did wait quite a while. But I had a Blackberry…did those things even allow Instagram? Anyways, as my monumental First Instagram Post, I give you, my cat. BIG surprise I’m sure. But, Isn’t she a cutie? She’s so photogenic, it sort of makes up for how unphotogenic I am…I don’t really understand the whole hype about Instagram though. What’s the big deal about pictures that all look pretty much the same? I mean there are only a certain number of filters you can use. And, sure these filters make your photos appear prettier, but they also look like everyone else’s. Anyways, I’ll try it a couple more times, but like I said, I don’t really feel like it’s my thing. Then again, when I write things off then try them later I tend to get addicted. I was like that with Facebook.

I was the last of my friends, because I wanted to stay true to Myspace. And Hi5, do you guys remember Hi5? I had the longest description of myself there, because they gave you 10’000 characters, and I thought, if they give you that much space, you should use it. So, I literally used the space like a blog. To tell everyone how I was changing everyday. And what was happening in my life. I wonder if it still exists…

Other than that, I have a couple of craft projects lined up, so I am looking forward to that.

Also, if you have an iPhone, or an iPod Touch, and you haven’t played Temple Run, I highly suggest it. OH. EM. GEE. That is something I’ve gotten addicted to lately. I can’t stop playing, I have to keep my phone hooked up to the charger almost 24/7 because it drains my battery crazy fast, but I can’t stop playing.