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December 12th, 2012

14 Dec
PHOTO #99: More Socializing

PHOTO #99: More Socializing

I went out with friends two days in a row? Yep. I know sounds crazy to me too. We went out to support my work friend who owns a Karaoke company. I had attempted to go a couple of times before but had failed, miserably. So, this photo was taken the second successful time going. Now mind you, I do not sing. Unless it’s in the comfort of my own home, or somewhere no one else can hear me. I just go to hear all my other friends make fools of themselves, or to surprise me with a pretty good voice. Either way I had a really good time.

I’ve always wondered what turns people onto Karaoke bars though. What makes you want to go up on a stage and sing a song in front of a bunch of strangers that are judging not only your song choice but also your voice. I could never do it. Then again it does look fun. I just wish I wasn’t so scared. Maybe when I get around to making a bucket list it’ll end up on there. Or I might make it a resolution for the new year to quit being so shy and just try something! It will take a lot of coaxing.

In other news, I may already be trading in my iPhone 3GS for an iPhone 4GS!! My manager has a friend who is trying to sell his, and he’s going to give it to me for $50! Which is the same as what I paid for the 3. So, I am super-duper excited. But won’t be getting it until monday.





December 7th, 2012

7 Dec
PHOTO #95: Ear Piercing!

PHOTO #95a: Ear Piercing!

PHOTO #95b: Ear Piercing!

PHOTO #95b: Ear Piercing!

I finally went and did something I said I was going to do. I got my cartilage pierced. It was pretty painful, but no more painful than I was actually expecting it to be. I had to do this post in two pictures because of the fact that my mousepad is broken, and therefore I cannot crop or cut and paste pictures, unless I steal my moms mouse. Which she is presently using. Plus, I wanted to show a before and after. So, the first photo is before she pierced it, she’s telling me all the cleaning processes and showing me the earring I chose, and that sort of thing. You like my scared/excited/nervous facial expression? And, you know what the second photo is. Clearly. Yes, my hair is messy. I threw it up in a bun because I assumed I should have it up when she pierced my ear, I was right.

Out of all the options that I had for earrings, I thought this was the most “me”. If it had been in gold I would have died and gone to heaven. But alas! They did not. So, I had the choice of this in silver, or a gold small stud, which is apparently more painful to sleep on and slower at the healing process. So I chose this one. I am in love with it.

I am really excited to start experimenting with earrings, but I have to wait a while until it heals. And that’s okay. It was, and is, totally worth it.

I can’t wait to experiment more with things, and finally do stuff that I’ve always wanted to do but been too lazy, or too scared.

Tonights Holiday RomCom film is: You’ve Got Mail.