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December 12th, 2012

14 Dec
PHOTO #99: More Socializing

PHOTO #99: More Socializing

I went out with friends two days in a row? Yep. I know sounds crazy to me too. We went out to support my work friend who owns a Karaoke company. I had attempted to go a couple of times before but had failed, miserably. So, this photo was taken the second successful time going. Now mind you, I do not sing. Unless it’s in the comfort of my own home, or somewhere no one else can hear me. I just go to hear all my other friends make fools of themselves, or to surprise me with a pretty good voice. Either way I had a really good time.

I’ve always wondered what turns people onto Karaoke bars though. What makes you want to go up on a stage and sing a song in front of a bunch of strangers that are judging not only your song choice but also your voice. I could never do it. Then again it does look fun. I just wish I wasn’t so scared. Maybe when I get around to making a bucket list it’ll end up on there. Or I might make it a resolution for the new year to quit being so shy and just try something! It will take a lot of coaxing.

In other news, I may already be trading in my iPhone 3GS for an iPhone 4GS!! My manager has a friend who is trying to sell his, and he’s going to give it to me for $50! Which is the same as what I paid for the 3. So, I am super-duper excited. But won’t be getting it until monday.





October 12th, 2012

13 Oct

PHOTO #38: Another Fall Outfit

More boring, and yet crazy times. Boring in the sense that nothing happened. Crazy because there was another set of stupid problems at work that took hours to fix. I almost missed the last subway train because I got out so late. I think one of my goals for the rest of this year should be to think more positively, and to complain less. I don’t complain a whole lot. But, when I do, I annoy myself with it. Thinking positively was one of my Resolutions at the beginning of 2012, I definitely did not follow through with that one…Starting now I will try.

Any suggestions on how to get into a habit of thinking more positively?

As it was quite dreary out today, I went for a more monotonous outfit, plus my hair is the bright aspect of it, so I try to do less crazy things with the clothing. The skirt is my sisters. And my favourite jean jacket again. I wear this jacket so often, I thought you should see the details I have added to it. This is a “Horse Blanket” Safety Pin (or something like that) I bought off Etsy. The charms are from random necklaces I had lying around the house that I never wore. The elephant is from a necklace I bought from the Zoo, when I went with a bunch of work friends. The chains weren’t hanging the way I wanted them to, so I added the coiled wire in the middle to hold it out a bit. It’s one of my favourite pieces I have ever made.

It was pretty chilly out, but my legs don’t get cold that easily. Plus, my calves/shins are a part of my body that I don’t hate, and I hide them too often, so I was contemplating whether to wear tights with this look and said to myself “Screw it!” And passed on the tights.