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November 8th, 2012

9 Nov

PHOTO #65: Skyfall

Here is my biggest accomplishment for the day. Tomorrow Skyfall comes out, and we are doing a big promo for the film. We are doing decorations, guest will win prizes, we’re serving special drinks, and Bond themed ice cream. That sort of thing. So, at the end of my shift my manager and I began the decoration process. Filling balloons with helium and stringing them together is a hard process. And a long one. We were literally there until 5am. And we’re not finished. It was a lot of fun though. This is my first chance for decorating since the Halloween party, so of course I wanted to help.

The only reason I’m still up is because everyone is allowed to dress up for this. But girls have to wear dresses that go below their knees. And those don’t exist for people under 30 in this century…but I wanted to research Bond Girls, and see what sort of things they wore. I found out a few things. Mostly that I probably won’t be dressing up 😦 . I don’t have any past-the-knee dresses.

Otherwise, today kind of sucked…I was in a pretty bad mood. And people pretty much told me they noticed. But, it’s not like I was mean to anyone. I was just quiet, I kept to myself, I wasn’t really smiling. But, when I had to I did smile, and conversed with people. I just wanted to be left alone to do my thing, and get my thursday shit done. But, that’s virtually impossible in a place where you’re the only person there at the time who knows how to fix almost everything. I’m not saying no one else knows how to do anything. I’m just saying if someone asks me to help them, I can’t say no and pass them off to someone else, because most likely I can.