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December 8th, 2012

9 Dec
PHOTO #95: New Pants

PHOTO #95: New Pants

I haven’t been shopping in a while, so when I was in the mall yesterday to pierce my ear I couldn’t resist doing a bit. I had planned on limiting myself to buying work pants, and shoes. But I couldn’t find anything that was right. And, I couldn’t stop myself from buying these. They are grey acid-wash jeans from H&M, $24.95. The acid-wash is not too extreme which is good, because I can wear them more freely. What I mean is if the design on the pants was more noticeable it limits what you can wear it with. And I have also wanted jeans like this for a seriously long time. Plus, I have this problem when I go shopping, where I only buy tops and no bottoms. So, this I will happily add to my pants collection.

I didn’t end up watching You’ve Got Mail yesterday. I fell asleep at 8pm. I know crazy…but I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. 😦 I finally did around 7:30am after watching numerous videos of The X Factor performances…So anyways, I am loading the movie now and am finally going to watch it. I saw it years ago, when I was quite young, and I don’t remember much about it at all. Which I am sort of happy about. It means I can enjoy it more that I would, if I remembered what happens in it.

Celebrity Sighting: Bruce Croxon. He’s one of the Dragons, on Drangons’ Den. Though it was a little tough to tell it was him. He seemed to be incognito. His hair was all messy and disheveled. And he looked like just a plain regular guy. Instead of a multi-millionaire, or whatever amount of money he has…either way I thought I’d share that sighting. At least I think it was him. They all sort of look the same…it really could have been one of the other ones.


November 13th, 2012

13 Nov

PHOTO #70: My New Jacket

Today I went into work with a positive attitude. I thought “Yes, it’s Tuesday but I can handle this.” Tuesdays are cheaper at the theatre, which means in some ways they are busier than the actual opening weekend for a film. It all went down hill as I was about to swipe in for my shift. Everything went wrong, all at the same time. We were way understaffed and I was way over tired. So, beginning of shift: sucked. Mid-shift: Not so bad. Got lots done. End of shift: Shitty. Got yelled at by a woman (a college professor of mine, though she didn’t recognize me) because the box office was being slow..and other things I don’t feel like getting into.

My point being:

When I finally swiped out I was feeling not so good, and needed some Retail Therapy. It seriously helped. I haven’t been shopping or bought anything in a while. So, I figured I owed it to myself. I bought this awesome jacket at H&M of course. It was on sale for 30% off. It’s not, strictly speaking, a winter jacket, but it will get me through the next couple of weeks. Before the real cold weather kicks in. I also don’t tend to get cold very easily, so that will help the wearability longevity…does that make sense?

Either way, I am in LOVE with it, and can’t wait to wear it.

I have four minutes to post this so I will finish with: Oh my gosh I made it to 70 posts straight!!!!! I should celebrate…with more shopping 😀 .

October 18th, 2012

19 Oct

PHOTO #44: Tomorrows Outfit

I bought some new clothes from H&M today, while shopping with my sister. And have decided that I am wearing both things I bought tomorrow. She said, she was going to buy this dress and be a Dalmatian for Halloween, but I love it. Though that would be an adorable costume. I haven’t tried these pieces on together, so hopefully the length of the sweater goes well with the length of the dress. And, of course my hair will clash with it. But, I think it will be okay. And if not I’ll put it in a bun or something. On second thought I might wear it the day after tomorrow, since I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow. I might stay home and craft something.

I watched Pitch Perfect for the second time finally! It has been about a week of me trying to find someone to go with, and people bailing, which I’m used to. It was just as good the second time ’round. And I caught a couple of things I missed the first time. Which is awesome.

Another one of those habits that I really should break but don’t want to, is staying up late. Some days it’s fine. And I can wake up early in the morning no problem. But, sometimes I screw myself over. Like this morning. I stayed up until 4am last night, but had to get up around 10 to get ready for work today. I slept through my loud obnoxious alarm that it right beside my face, somehow. And woke up at 11:20. To make it to work for 12 I usually need an hour. So, I was freaking out. I managed to get up, dressed, and out of the house in 3 or 4 minutes. The bus came right away at 11:25, and I made it to work on time. Tired, and Hungry, but on time. Lucky, for once.

So, maybe I’ll try kicking the ‘late nights’ habit…Tomorrow…:D

October 16th, 2012

17 Oct

PHOTO #42a: Before

PHOTO #42b: After. Sort Of…

Halloween costume shopping was mostly successful today. I still need a couple of things for my costume. But, I did manage to find stuff for my brothers costume. See, he wants me to make him the mask of the Batman villain Scarecrow. So, burlap, scary, stitched up thing. I bought some fabric, that is like burlap, not exactly, but I figure it’s probably more comfortable than it and smells better…while I was waiting for my friend to show up, I went into one of my favourite notions stores. (Notions: Buttons, zippers, hooks, sequins, that sort of thing). It’s called Neverends. They have awesome stuff! I once saw these awesome spikes, but I never bought them, they were a bit expensive. I have always wanted to use spikes on something, but have never had anything to put them on. Then, I remembered these boots that I own. I have had them for almost two years, and only wore them once. They are surprisingly comfortable. But, I’ve never felt they looked quite right.

So, as you can see from the above photos, I finally used spikes on something, and will definitely be wearing these boots, soon. Although, I am not quite done. I didn’t buy enough spikes, so I need six more to finish off the middle of each strap. I still might wear them tomorrow, just because I am in love with them.

To put the spikes on you have to have an Awl. To poke a big enough hole. The back of the spike has a screw in piece. I put the screw through the leather and screwed on the spike. For the studs, they just have those four pokey pieces on the back. I pushed them through the fabric and folded them over to keep them in place. I’m sure if you know crafts, you know what you’re doing.

I love it when a DIY comes together. It makes me feel just a bit more complete. And happy.

And yes, I do remember that I was going to show you my new improved hair today. But, I couldn’t get a good picture. My face doesn’t feel like being photogenic today I guess. Either way it turned out much better. If you are planning on dyeing your hair a crazy vibrant colour. And you are using a semi-permanent dye, like I did, I highly suggest leaving it in overnight. The results are clear to me. Over all I left the colour in for about 11 hours. I put a plastic bag on my hair during sleep to keep it off my pillow.

I have to open tomorrow, so I am going to leave it at that. DIY those shoes you never wear. If it doesn’t turn out you haven’t lost anything, right?

P.S. If you were wondering the shoes are from Feet First.


September 17th, 2012

18 Sep

PHOTO #13: Finishing and Starting Crafts

Unfortunately, although I should tell you I expected nothing more, my friend clearly forgot about the plans we had today. She does this often. We had talked last wednesday about going out, because I had talked to her about how boring things had been for me lately. I was excited about actually doing something. She told me she would be getting off work around two. So, today I was ready to finally do something. I woke up pretty late, but when I checked my phone, nothing. I texted her, and can you believe what she replied? “Oh, I was planning on going to the mall to return some clothes, wanna join me?” SERIOUSLY? I wanted to do something fun because I was bored, and she wants me to come return clothes with her. I did go, because I didn’t want to waste another day inside. Plus, it was a chance to shop. Which I love doing. And we tried a new Burrito place near our houses, they were delicious. So, it wasn’t a horrible day, but nothing happened that was photo worthy. 😦

Afterwards, I came home and did some more crafts. As you can see I finished the necklace from last nights post! It’s the one on the left. Although, I’m not one hundred percent happy with it, so it may change. The skeleton key is covered in crazy glue and gold glitter I got from the dollar store. And on the right is another work in progress that I started today. Same skeleton key (I have a few of them lying around the house from a movie promo) but I’m in the process of nail polishing this one into a cute pink colour. The fabric feather I made by glueing two layers together and then fraying them. When I tried only using one layer the feather fell apart. The little butterfly in the bottom I may not use, it looks a little childish. We’ll see. All in all, another boring day.