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November 10th, 2012

11 Nov

PHOTO #67: My Hair

I realized that I don’t really have a good shot of how my hair turned out after the second dye. And even though it’s been a couple of weeks, it still looks pretty blue. Plus I had nothing else to take a picture of today. So, me it is. Not even my cat was doing anything interesting.

Today was a repeat of the last two days. Horrible, busy, stupid guests, stupid employees, me staying hours later than I am scheduled, and being all around exhausted. One more shift and I’ll have a day off. Yay. Mostly I’m hearing good things about Skyfall, so I definitely have to see it soon. Before someone ruins it for me.

Which reminds me: I wore a pretty sparkly dress today! We posed for pictures and did funny Bond poses and had fun. Surprisingly it was more comfortable than I was expecting so I left it on all night. I was pretty worried about ruining it with butter or some sort of spill, that tends to happen to me, every night.

Getting home has been rough these past few days too. I never make it for the subway, and the TTC after 2am is horrible, and unreliable. If this becomes a regular thing for me, getting off after 2am, I might go crazy, and start spending most of my nights waiting for buses. Damn you Toronto Transit.


November 9th, 2012

10 Nov

PHOTO #66: More Bond Promo

Weird picture aside (I’m too lazy to put the dress on) I am super excited for tomorrow! Turns out the one manager that was enforcing the rule for skirts to be past our knees is on vacation. When I got to work today, still sad about not being able to wear any of my dresses, I saw girls wearing ridiculous crap. Like skin tight, cleavage showing, barely covering their asses let alone their knees. So, I went up to them and asked what they thought they were doing. And they said no one told them to take it off. So…screw it! I’m wearing a dress tomorrow. That’s that. So this is a picture of the dress’s fabric. It’s sparkly 🙂 . I’m so excited to wear it tomorrow. I’m still trying to think of what shoes I’m going to wear, and how I’m going to do my make-up. Hopefully I give myself enough time to figure that out tomorrow. Because I really just want to go to bed right now. I literally just got home from work…it’s 3:30am! So. Not. Cool. It’s more of the same thing unfortunately. No one doing their job, no one willing to put in the effort to do things right, so that I don’t have to spend hours fixing things when they go wrong. It’s getting ridiculous now. And there’s this miscommunication between the managers as to what my job is daily. Am I the teller, or am I the assistant manager? Because honestly, I could do both, but I would go crazy and get ripped in half at some point I’m sure. And I would be at the theatre every night until 3:30 am. Just like tonight.

Guhhh…’til tomorrow I guess.

November 8th, 2012

9 Nov

PHOTO #65: Skyfall

Here is my biggest accomplishment for the day. Tomorrow Skyfall comes out, and we are doing a big promo for the film. We are doing decorations, guest will win prizes, we’re serving special drinks, and Bond themed ice cream. That sort of thing. So, at the end of my shift my manager and I began the decoration process. Filling balloons with helium and stringing them together is a hard process. And a long one. We were literally there until 5am. And we’re not finished. It was a lot of fun though. This is my first chance for decorating since the Halloween party, so of course I wanted to help.

The only reason I’m still up is because everyone is allowed to dress up for this. But girls have to wear dresses that go below their knees. And those don’t exist for people under 30 in this century…but I wanted to research Bond Girls, and see what sort of things they wore. I found out a few things. Mostly that I probably won’t be dressing up 😦 . I don’t have any past-the-knee dresses.

Otherwise, today kind of sucked…I was in a pretty bad mood. And people pretty much told me they noticed. But, it’s not like I was mean to anyone. I was just quiet, I kept to myself, I wasn’t really smiling. But, when I had to I did smile, and conversed with people. I just wanted to be left alone to do my thing, and get my thursday shit done. But, that’s virtually impossible in a place where you’re the only person there at the time who knows how to fix almost everything. I’m not saying no one else knows how to do anything. I’m just saying if someone asks me to help them, I can’t say no and pass them off to someone else, because most likely I can.